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 10+ years experience 


 1000+ songs mastered 


 100+ clients per year 

Wanna hear your song mastered through

high-end analog equipment? For free?

Send us a song and Philip will fully master your entire song,

and hand you a 1 minute high-resolution sample file at no cost.


This is the real thing, no dumbed-down robot algorithm results!!! Every song is mastered by a human being using the finest analog and digital equipment available. Why? Because hearing your own mastered music versus your original mix is the only comparison that truly matters.

If you like the master, you can purchase it for just $34 per song. Take a look at Philip's testimonials, equipment and before and after-samples and you’ll see why this is the best deal in the industry. 


If you've never tried me before, you have absolutely nothing to lose. Ready now?


Fill out the form and click on "submit", you will be taken to my upload page.

How important is the overall level of your songs?
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